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Great that you want to become the member of DASC !

We are proud of you and thats why you will be our Proud Member. Soon Delhi will also feel proud of you as you have decided to help those who are in serious trouble.

It is really simple to become the Proud Member of DASC (Delhi Anti-Smoking Club).

Just fill the form below and we will contact you for a periodic weekly evaluation over a period of one month (i.e. 4 evaluations in a month). These evaluations will be the eligibility criterion for your membership.

We will send you a form comprises of 5 questions each week and if you clear all 4 evaluations then you can become our member by submitting small life time member ship fees of Rs. 250.

No credit card required for this. A DASC representative will come to your place to deliver the Members Cap & Badge and he will collect the membership amount.

To the check the motto and vision of Delhi Anti-Smoking Club please visit the page DASC MOTIVE.

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