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We all know that cigarette is dangerous and smoking has many harmful effects. So it's useless to mention the list of side effects of smoking. By this time it is sure that you want to leave smoking or want to support this anti-smoking campaign and that is why you are here.

Leave the bad habit or support the noble cause to fight against smoking by joining Delhi's, India's & Asia's first ever Anti-Smoking Club.

It is definitely an issue of proud, that whether you are a member or a proud member of DASC (Delhi Anti-Smoking Club) or not …..

Show everybody that you care for delhi, you care of yourself, you care for your dear ones ………

This is the high time now, we all should get unite and join Delhi Anti-Smoking Club to make Delhi smoke free. DASC welcomes all the students of Delhi University as volunteer member (without any membership fee), who are already fighting for the noble cause and made Delhi University a smoke free zone.


Join Delhi Anti Smoking Club today


(for those who smoke & want to leave)


(for those who don't smoke & want to help others in quitting)
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Information on No Smoking !

Delhi Anti Smoking Club is the first ever club of its own type. This is also a matter of pride as well if you are a regular member of DASC. The anti smoking club helps people to find the reasons all possible way to find reasons to say no smoking, quit smoking, and stop smoking. One should take active participation in anti smoking activities & anti smoking campaigns which help people in quitting smoking. Generally, smokers or people who are suffering from hazards of smoking looks forward for methods of smoking stop, or they search for quit smoking tips or . If such people join anti smoking campaign then they can easily understand that how do i quit smoking. Similarly joining and becoming a member of Delhi Anti Smoking Club (DASC) is the best way to quit smoking and to gain knowledge about how to quit smoking cigarettes.

People who want to leave bad habit of smoking they should be aware of easy way to quit smoking and should look for quit smoking help before exactly started finding the ways of how to quit smoking cigarettes or how to leave smoking. Delhi Anti Smoking Club is the best way for such people so that they can leave their habit instantly.