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DASC Motive

Delhi Anti-Smoking Club works with an aim to create a common platform, where all those who want to leave smoking or want anti-smoking guidance can stand unite and fight against the curse together.

We are very thankful to the government who is running many campaigns to stop use of tobacco and cigarette, many other NGOs are helping people to leave this bad habit but all are unsuccessful to create a common platform where smokers can interact with each other and will get a common help.

So with start of Delhi Anti-Smoking Club all those people who want to leave smoking, or who are finding it difficult to leave or the non-smokers who want to support the noble cause can join DASC (Delhi Anti-Smoking Club) and feel proud by adding a valuable power in initiative of making Delhi a Smoke Free Zone.

Yes, another aim of DASC is making Delhi a smoke free zone, where everybody will be member of DASC one day and nobody will smoke in Delhi. Good dream indeed… Let's make the dream come true…. This way we can gift the next generation the best gift…. A Healthy & Clean Future.

DASC will conduct a quarterly meeting to bring all members and proud members together to give guidance, training & aids on how to leave smoking effectively. This way the members and other people who smoke will get a moral support. They will then feel that they are not alone and they will able to get rid of this illness effectively with no time…

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